How to choose good photography studio in Singapore, what is the price?

You know some moments are too memorable that you would want to capture them in the form of lovely photographs. For example, the photographs of your new born baby whose every action is so cute and heavenly deserve to be preserved for a lifetime. Sometimes, you are just a step away from your first modelling assignment and some cool headshots are what it takes to bridge the gap between ‘not so happening’ life and glamorous life. That’s why choosing a good photography studio is as important as capturing those photos. Well, if you reside in Singapore, you may find several photography studios here, but if you really want people to compliment you, then choosing any random studio is not an option.


Following are the top 5 tips that will help you choose a good photography studio for rent in Singapore:

  • The studio must be equipped with modern photography equipments: The new age is becoming technologically advanced and photography is no less than that. While your photographer will bring his own camera, the studio will provide lighting equipments, advanced auto changing backgrounds, muslins, umbrellas and other things your photographer may require to get the best shots.


  • Check out the room size: The size of the studio may affect your planned goals and timelines related to shooting session. The room of the studio should be long and wide enough to make it comfortable for photographer to control ambient lighting and artificial studio lighting, such as umbrellas and soft boxes.  Certainly, you’ll never want to compromise with anything when it comes to your career or beautiful moments that may never come back.


  • Checkout lighting and ventilation: The studio must allow the natural light to pass in because certain headshots and modelling photos may need the effect of warm or hot light that artificial lighting may not bring always. An ideal shot needs a perfect lighting and exposure, and using the natural window light is sometimes a great solution for portrait photography. This makes the image much more interesting. It must also be properly ventilated so you or your little baby remains comfortable throughout the photography session.


  • Budget and location: The studio should be in a nice location for easy pick up and drop facility so your dress remains as it is and your makeup doesn’t fade away on the way. When it comes to pricing, don’t beat around the bush and talk upfront. You’ll find many photography studios in Singapore to choose from, so you should make some effort to find one that offers the best price. At the same time, you must not compromise with quality to save some bucks.

Price of photography studio in Singapore

H2 Photostudio in Singapore offers the best photography studio rental service Singapore at the best price. From small to medium sized commercial and personal photography, the studio provides the right infrastructure and latest equipments with top quality service. Our package rates for fashion, portrait and product related photography vary from $15/hr to $37.5/hr. At this price, which is very reasonable, H2 studio commits to provide top-notch atmosphere and services every time.