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How to choose good photography studio in Singapore, what is the price?

You know some moments are too memorable that you would want to capture them in the form of lovely photographs. For example, the photographs of your new born baby whose every action is so cute and heavenly deserve to be preserved for a lifetime. Sometimes, you are just a step away from your first modelling assignment and some cool headshots are what it takes to bridge the gap between ‘not so happening’ life and glamorous life. That’s why choosing a good photography studio is as important as capturing those photos. Well, if you reside in Singapore, you may find several photography studios here, but if you really want people to compliment you, then choosing any random studio is not an option.


Following are the top 5 tips that will help you choose a good photography studio for rent in Singapore:

  • The studio must be equipped with modern photography equipments: The new age is becoming technologically advanced and photography is no less than that. While your photographer will bring his own camera, the studio will provide lighting equipments, advanced auto changing backgrounds, muslins, umbrellas and other things your photographer may require to get the best shots.


  • Check out the room size: The size of the studio may affect your planned goals and timelines related to shooting session. The room of the studio should be long and wide enough to make it comfortable for photographer to control ambient lighting and artificial studio lighting, such as umbrellas and soft boxes.  Certainly, you’ll never want to compromise with anything when it comes to your career or beautiful moments that may never come back.


  • Checkout lighting and ventilation: The studio must allow the natural light to pass in because certain headshots and modelling photos may need the effect of warm or hot light that artificial lighting may not bring always. An ideal shot needs a perfect lighting and exposure, and using the natural window light is sometimes a great solution for portrait photography. This makes the image much more interesting. It must also be properly ventilated so you or your little baby remains comfortable throughout the photography session.


  • Budget and location: The studio should be in a nice location for easy pick up and drop facility so your dress remains as it is and your makeup doesn’t fade away on the way. When it comes to pricing, don’t beat around the bush and talk upfront. You’ll find many photography studios in Singapore to choose from, so you should make some effort to find one that offers the best price. At the same time, you must not compromise with quality to save some bucks.

Price of photography studio in Singapore

H2 Photostudio in Singapore offers the best photography studio rental service Singapore at the best price. From small to medium sized commercial and personal photography, the studio provides the right infrastructure and latest equipments with top quality service. Our package rates for fashion, portrait and product related photography vary from $15/hr to $37.5/hr. At this price, which is very reasonable, H2 studio commits to provide top-notch atmosphere and services every time.

5 Tips to Create Amazing Content for your Website

It would not be wrong to say that content is the lifeblood of Internet Marketing, and when it comes to creating content for company website, expectations are even more. Your website design  content is what that determines the success and failure of your site and ultimately the future of your business. This is because your website is the first customer contact point and compromising with its quality means compromising with your lead conversion rates. But why the content is so important? Well, the simplest answer to this question is Google norms.


Google’s Panda algorithm always looks for unique, high-quality web content online and rank the websites based on that. There are many other ranking factors as well, but this one largely affects your site’s visibility on SERPs. Another factor is how you represent it and use relevant keywords to let people easily find you. This is where SEO lies. You could be able to drive traffic to your website by ranking it on certain keywords, but how will you convert those visitors into leads? The obvious answer is creating amazing content that is informative and compelling.

Let’s have a look at the following 5 tips to know how you can create amazing content for your website.

  • Create informative, relevant and valuable content: Creating engaging, informative, relevant and consistent content is the core of Inbound Marketing strategy. You need to understand that the expectations of both Google and audience from your content are same. They look for something that is unique and provides some extraordinary information they’ve never read before. Don’t just copy and paste marketing materials from here and there. Create your own blogs, videos, podcasts or ebooks and offer them as gated content to change a visitor into a lead. Make sure the content you’re creating matches your buyer personas i.e. the needs of your target audience.


  • Use catchy headlines and tag lines: Your headlines and tag lines must be catchy enough to hit the reader’s mind immediately. You must have noticed many companies having their own unique tag lines. These few characters actually have a lot enough to say about your company. It reflects about your vision, mission and objectives, so they must be memorable. Keep your headlines and tag lines short and simple, but try to capture the entire feel of your brand into it. Well, if you want an example, nothing could beat this tag line, “Think Different” because these words reflect the innovative mind of Apple.


  • Make your content scannable: Some people just like to scan the main ideas from the content. These people are rarely interested in reading your entire story, company’s history, objectives or other stuff that doesn’t add value to their precious time. So, it’s important to make your content easily scannable. Keep it crisp, short, simple and relevant to your product/service offerings. Divide it into easily readable chunks to convey the main message clearly.


  • Keep SEO in mind: Good SEO practices are as important as good content. While writing the web content, you must focus on a number of keywords per page to boost your ranking in SERPs. Also make sure to use them in a right way with right density, proximity and prominence. Your keywords should be included in the headlines, main content body, meta descriptions, meta titles, page URLs, image file names and image ALT tags.


  • Use visual aids: Images are tempting because they appeal to the eyes. Arm your plain monochromatic text with a few images to make the content interesting and engaging. However, keep them limited to just a few otherwise it could be distracting for the readers. Your visuals should add value to the content, not dominate it. Infographics are quite in trend these days and hence, it’s not a bad idea to include them wherever you think they can add value. Videos and storyboards can also be considered.

The bottom line

The internet has become a competitive marketplace. To stay in the race, you need to make sure that you are touching every aspect of it and taking advantage of every opportunity it provides. Hope, the above mentioned tips will help you in reaching your marketing goals.

This article was contributed by Novage Communications who are a full service digital agency. With some of Singapore’s best web designers they provide quality websites, ecommerce solutions and online marketing services.

Thyroid Nodules Diet

Thyroid Nodules Diet 

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The thyroid is a component of the endocrine system and its primary responsible is to create and release hormones which aid in controlling the body’s metabolic systems. This includes how the cardio and digestive systems operate, calcium levels, muscle and brain function and stabilization of the skeletal system. In order for the thyroid to perform at its optimal level the body must possess an appropriate amount of iodine. This is where a thyroid nodules diet is extremely important.

When a physician or layperson uses the word “thyroid nodule” they are discussing any unusual lump or mass that is present on or in the thyroid gland. Situated at the front of the neck and at its base beneath the Adam’s apple, the thyroid gland is said to resemble a butterfly because it spreads around the trachea. Naturally, these two extensions are connected by a band of tissue in front of the trachea.

What Exactly is a Thyroid Nodule?

Thyroid nodules appear quite frequently and can often form in groups. They are usually benign and are often not visible to the naked eye. They are diagnosed through ultrasonography and can be present in any area of the thyroid. Only 10 percent of these nodules are malignant and thyroid cancer only usually occurs in very aged males.

However, thyroid nodules can cause the overproduction or overproduction of thyroid hormone which results in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. When this is the case the nodules are referenced as “hot.” Both conditions have symptoms that illustrate the body’s metabolic rate is not on course. For instance, the body is either too hot or too cold, it either loses or gains weight rapidly and is either exhausted or experiences insomnia. Each condition is treatable through medication and a thyroid nodule diet.

Why Do Thyroid Nodules Develop?

There are numerous reasons or circumstances that can cause thyroid nodules to grow. These scenarios pose the greatest risk for thyroid nodules:

  • Lack of minerals. In nearly all diagnosed instances of thyroid nodules, the body does not have enough iodine and selenium. These two minerals stimulate thyroid hormone production, aid in the overall being of the gland and shield it from damage from radiation and chemicals in the environment.
  • Not enough Vitamin D. Many people do not realize vitamin D is processed from the rays of the sun and from trace amounts in several food items. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have enough of this vitamin their bodies and it increases the incidence of cancer, thyroid nodules and even polyps that can occur anywhere in the body.
  • Free radicals and radiation. With our technologically advanced society, we ingest radiation continuously by our normal daily lives. Cell phones, many electronics, satellite television and even the Internet emit radiation that is absorbed by the body. Radiation harms the body’s DNA and increases the risk for cancer. A wealth of research has illustrated the use of pesticides on food products is a major health concern and can cause thyroid nodules.
  • How we and live. What we put on our mouths and expose ourselves to can certainly contribute to the creation of thyroid nodules. For example a heavy smoker and drinker has a higher risk, as do people that are overweight or have elevated levels of insulin. This is where an appropriate thyroid nodule diet comes into play.

How to Address Thyroid Nodules 

The minority of people with thyroid nodules discover them by seeing them or touching them, but most people only find out they have thyroid nodules when they undergo a sonogram. Again, this may be a routine test or ultrasound because many people have thyroid nodules with no symptoms. Depending on the severity and placement of the nodules, a person might have the nodules biopsied to rule out cancer and have the thyroid scanned to determine if the nodules are causing hyper or hypo thyroidism.

What Can You Do to Prevent or Treat Thyroid Nodules Naturally?

In most cases, thyroid nodules will not need to be treated by surgical measures and only require medication, but there are things a person can do to either ward off these growths or to treat them with home therapy, such as a thyroid nodule diet of sorts.

These are some guidelines to follow to protect your body through a thyroid nodule diet:

  • Eat Well. The thyroid gland is responsible for the regulation of the metabolic functions of the body, so it is conjoined to each component of it. Therefore, if a thyroid nodule diet that is high in fat, carbohydrates, starch and sugars is consumed, this will negatively impact the health of the thyroid. Consume as many vegetables and as much produce as possible. These are essential to provide nutrients in the diet for the thyroid to function at an optimal level.
  • Find some selenium. Selenium is a tough mineral to extract from the diet because there are only residual amounts of it in soil. However, it is sold at many health food stores, drug stores, etc., as a supplement. The recommended dosage is 100 to 200 micrograms daily.
  • Bump up your iodine levels. Again, iodine is only present in food in very low levels. It can be ingested through seaweed, but that would have to eaten each day. It is also in table salt, but a diet high in salt can cause health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease, so the best way to ensure the body’s iodine levels are correct is to take supplements. The recommended dosage is 160 to 400 micrograms each day. Bear in mind though, if a person has been diagnosed with a hypoactive thyroid they should not consume any excess iodine as their levels are already too high.
  • No dairy. This may confuse some people as Vitamin D is associated with dairy and low levels of this vitamin can cause thyroid nodules to develop. The reason why people should avoid dairy products is they possess hormones that trigger grow swiftly. For instance, calves develop rapidly when they nurse because cows’ milk is intended to produce that effect naturally. Even if the milk is organic these hormones are present and can be a catalyst for rapid growth in the human body that can lead not only to the development of thyroid nodules but cancer.