Company incorporation in Singapore: a perfect choice for global investors

Company incorporation in Singapore is undoubtedly the best move that most of the global investors choose. It won’t be wrong saying that when we thought about the idea of incorporation of a company in the south-east nation, then Singapore ranks on the top list. There are numerous beneficial options that this nation offers like- excellent tax system, easy immigration policies, ease of doing business, flexible government policies, high quality of lifestyle etc.

Company incorporation in Singapore follows an easy procedure to help you achieve your desired goal. Let’s explore all the steps in detail.

  1. While choosing for the Company incorporation in Singapore, the private limited company is the most preferable option to choose. While the other options for you to choose are sole proprietorship and partnership.
  2. In the process of Company incorporation in Singaporethe perfect selection of Company incorporation in Singaporecompany name plays one major role. The company name must be unique, decent and meaningful. Thus, the company name is then approved by ACRA, if all the documents are in the correct order.
  3. Proof of permanent resident of Singapore is another important document that is required in the procedure of Company incorporation in Singapore.
  4. One important aspect of Company incorporation in Singapore is to appoint a minimum one or maximum 50 number of shareholders for your private company.
  5. The minimum paid-up capital for Company incorporation in Singapore is decided as $1.
  6. Having a registered address for your organization is one compulsory rule for the Singapore company registration process.

After completing all the above requirements, ACRA promises a certificate of Company incorporation in Singapore with the registration number and company profile. With the fulfilment of this procedure, you can get the best outcomes of opting for the Company incorporation in Singapore.

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