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The Incredible Benefits of Having a Maid or Domestic Helper

Maintaining or keeping your home clean and taking care of your family at the same time can be a difficult task. However, this is the time when hiring a maid from a licensed maid agency should be considered without having a second thought.

It is important for you to know that getting assistance from a professional maid for your home is not only rewarding but also beneficial. Not you might be thinking that hiring an expert maid can be an expensive deal.

But don’t worry because a maid agency in Singapore like Finest provides cost-effective and premium quality maid services.

Remember there are several benefits due to which you must consider hiring a maid or domestic helper for your home in Singapore. Some of the advantages are stated below:

  • Relaxation

You need to know that hiring a maid gives you enough time to relax. In order to clean the house properly, a lot of time is involved but when you hire a maid it becomes easy to make yourself free from cleaning work.

After hiring a maid, you can give time to your family without getting stressed about cleaning your house.

  • Professional work 

Experienced maid delivers outstanding results because they are already skilled and have been in the same work for the past several years. Not only this but they are also trained with a great sense of knowledge on using the suitable outcome to deliver satisfying results.

  • Organization

It is obvious that you will be less stressed when don’t have to clean your home. This further helps you to become more productive and invest your extra time in your favorite activities like reading books, dancing, playing the guitar, singing, and so on.

By hiring a maid, you not only maintain your mental health but also organize time and work properly.

  • Healthy 

Everybody loves to have an environment in the home which is happy and healthy at the same time. Sometimes due to a hectic office schedule, you do not get enough time to clean your home properly.

But when you hire a maid, you no longer need to stay tensed about these things because she will take care of all the home cleaning work and ensure you and your family are well protected from dangerous diseases.

  • Cost-effective

You are going to pay only for the services you actually require and this will help in saving a lot of money. Connect with the maid agency because the agency helps its customers to hire the best maid at an affordable cost.

But make sure you hire a maid that fulfills all your cleaning requirements perfectly.

After hiring a maid for your home, you can easily call your neighbors, family members, and friends without stressing about the cleaning work of the home. Therefore, once you hire an experienced maid for your home, you can expect all these benefits.

1-Bedroom Condominium – A Modest Minimalist Decision or a Good Choice? 

Modern housing prices are sometimes staggering, especially if you want comfort and are not willing to sacrifice ideal conditions for the sake of savings. The best solution for a city resident who wants to move in quickly and spend a minimum of money on real estate – buy a 1-bedroom apartment.

Condos in The Commodore residential complex are better than rooms in a second home, aren’t they? This is one of the most important reasons to choose a small, but new and cosy home. The process of arranging a room according to your own needs is an important stage of development in a new house. Preferring an apartment or house where someone has already lived, you lose the opportunity to start from scratch and create a unique atmosphere there.

If you are looking for more condo options, you might want to check out the upcoming The Avenir condo.

commodore condo launch

The main point that stops many potential owners of brand-new housing – its modest area. However, 1-bedroom apartments offered to buy by modern developers are not always miniature. This may be the latest studio with separate areas for recreation, work, and entertainment. The cost remains relatively lower, but the quality of life is not worse than in a few small rooms.

Family “comfort zone”

Good choice of lighting, built-in furniture and proper wall decoration – all this visually enhances the space. To make every corner of housing functional, it is better to buy a 1-room condo in the Commodore with a non-standard layout. What advantages, apart from the favourable price, are worth noting?

  • It is quite convenient to have everything at hand and, if desired, change the thematic areas to refresh the situation.
  • An important confirmation that the only room is not a minus, but a significant plus – ridiculous prices for utilities.
  • The limited area helps to keep the heat inside the room. The result is comfort at any time of the year.
  • Romance combined with comfort – you can arrange a real nest for two, while the kitchen, bathroom and hallway can be quite spacious.
  • If you add to this general cleaning in 20 minutes and repairs in a few days – such an apartment seems a real find for a business man, a bachelor, and for a romantic couple in love!

What other facilities are offered by the Commodore to 1 room apartment owners?

  • Easy access to Canberra MRT station
  • Nearby roads to commute to neighbouring areas like Sembawang road, Woodland Av, Yishun Ave 1 and Yishun Dam.
  • Reputed schools within a region of 3 kilometres: Endeavour primary school, Canberra primary school and many more.
  • Clubhouse, lap pool, swimming pool and tennis court are some common amenities for residents.
  • The dining pavilion to enjoy romantic evenings
  • Tranquil and calm atmosphere for working people
  • Hospitals and polyclinic within walking distance
  • Multi-cuisine restaurants and malls for basic needs

So, if you are also planning to buy your dream condo, see review of the Commodore and explore all the exciting features offered by JBE (Canberra) Pte Ltd in Canberra district of Singapore.


Upcoming Executive Condos in 2021, Which to Buy? 

For all those who have decided to buy a new home, there’s the latest list of new launches, to choose from. Maybe the minimum occupation period of your HDB flat is about to get over. You will finally be able to sell that and get a new one.

Whatever your reasons, 2021 is as good as a year to make a fresh start. Here is a list of new launching condos:

With around 27 new launches of condos in 2021, it is again ready in 2021 to show a pretty healthy list of developments. With a strong consumer demand, Singapore is heading toward the opening of eye-catching condos anytime in 2021.

Peak Residence

It is a freehold and low-rise type of development. The location of this project is 332Thomson Road, which is located in Novena on the city fringe. It is situated just across the road from the Thomson Medical Centre. And at a stone’s throw distance from Balestier Road. The Novena MRT station is just at a distance of 11 to 12 minutes of walk.

It has a proximity to the city center and several elite schools and hence is going to be popular in affluent families.

Amber Sea Residences

It is one of the most awaiting residential units in Amber Gardens,30 of District 15. Amber Sea developer, the Far East Organization has made a perfect blend of security, comfort, and luxury. The units are thoughtfully situated and offer valuable views and come with extraordinary amenities. The developers have used the most advanced technologies to assure the comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of their project, having 132 residential units in total; with a total site area of 40,918 square feet.

A large gym, swimming pool, BBQ area, lawn, lap pool, and other capabilities are inbuilt in this condo. It consists of all of that unusual occasion that can make your life more peaceful and happier. Check out Amber Sea full review.

Pasir Ris 8

This beautiful development is located at Pasir Ris Central. The condo units of this project are integrated with the Pasir Ris MRT station and the Pasir Ris bus interchange. The White Sands shopping mall is sited just near the residencies.

Apart from this several lifestyle amenities including Downtown East, Pasir Ris B99-year, and the water sports facilities are located in the Changi area and East coast. Find out more about this new launch in this Pasir Ris 8 detailed review.

One North 99-year is a 99-year leasehold. It means that the owners of this development will be owning their units for 99 years of this project. It is located at a 7-minute walk from Buona Vista MRT and just within the walking distance of the Star vista shopping mall.

It provides an easy reach to the Holland village lifestyle area.

Phoenix Residences

This outstanding condo is located at 71 Phoenix Avenue. It is just 15 minutes away from Hillion mall and Bukit Panjang MRT. The development is equipped with a 24-hour working gym, a hydrotherapy pavilion, and an aqua gym for the residents.

How to Eliminate Unpleasant Odours in the car?

How to remove the annoying smell in the car? The problem of the presence of unpleasant odours in the car always remains relevant. Car owners use Christmas trees and fragrances, but they mask the smell only for a short time. The question arises: how to remove the smell in the car efficiently and permanently? To do this, you need to contact professionals and order a car deodorization service.

Damp, old car smell

When buying a used car, there is often an unpleasant “ombre” that cannot be removed with fragrances. The owners are worried about how to get rid of the old car smell. But to effectively get rid of it, special drugs and equipment are required.

The most dangerous stench from this group is the “air” of dampness. It not only disgusts car users and contributes to the formation of rust, but also poses many health risks.

In an environment with high humidity, pathogenic bacteria and microbes multiply especially actively. In such a situation, it is worth thinking not only about how to eliminate the unpleasant odour in the car, but also how to protect people inside the cabin.

Water can enter the passenger compartment on shoes and accumulate on the floor. Upholstery made of textiles damp quickly and may not dry out for a long time. Plastic surfaces, seat belts and other elements, due to high dampness, can become covered with fungus.

The appearance of a “damp” odour can be influenced by glass seals of insufficient density, leaking seams. Moisture enters through these holes, stagnation occurs and the appearance of fetid aromas.

So how can you remove the smell of dampness in your car air conditioner? Contact a reputed aircon servicing company. Their masters will identify the cause of the stench, analyse the problem, and select the appropriate methodology and drugs.

How we get rid of car odours?

How to remove the smell from the car efficiently and for a long time? Pest control craftsmen use two basic methods: the use of dry fog generators and ozonation. Let’s describe these methods:

  1. Dry fog: Dry fog treatment keeps the smell in the car clean and fresh. The dry fog generator evenly distributes the selected composition, destroying pathogens. Pathogenic microorganisms include harmful bacteria and microbes. After such processing, traveling by car turns into a real pleasure;
  2. Ozonating: Aircon servicing specialists will carry out effective ozonating of the machine. This will prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions and various diseases. If the driver and car users regularly inhale toxic compounds, the risks of developing asthma and other diseases that are difficult to treat are high.

Ozone is an oxidizing agent that neutralizes organic compounds present in the car. Ozonation will eliminate fungal growth and mold.

The qualified technicians will individually select the spray formulations that are most suitable for your problem. To select the best way to deodorize the car, the origin of the stench, the degree of neglect of the situation, and so on are analysed. If you are still thinking about how to remove the smell of vomit, dampness, burning or cigarettes in your car, please contact pest management Singapore immediately.