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Blade & Soul: 24-Man World Raids

These raids are not like traditional MMO raids where all 24 people are in the same group. Instead, there can be a total of 24 players in the map, 4 groups of 6 players, and these players will likely never interact with each other except to kill a boss. You want to be in one of these parties. 8-10 Blade And Soul Gold, Soul Shield Chests, 5-10 Naryu Silver.

Use the Party Search totems after teleporting to the Wayfarer’s Wharf windstride point in the Blackram Shipyard. Nightshade Harbor costs 1 Naryu Silver as an entry fee the first time, but only one Naryu Coin on subsequent trips. E. Fleet is free. Follow your party and make sure you don’t fall behind!

Directly outside these two raids is a Wheel of Fortune. These wheels have NPCs next to them that allow you to trade Naryu Coins or Moonwater Valor Stones for tickets. Do not trade stones. You should gamble all of your Naryu Coins on this wheel, however, since you will almost always come out on top. The wheel awards mainly Naryu Silver among some other items. I would keep a few extra Naryu Coins in your inventory to use as offerings for Dragonblood, though, just in case.

It’s also important to note that, again, do NOT release if you die during a boss fight. You will lose your loot from that boss, and will have to kill them again. Wait for a rez.

E.Fleet Supply:

6 total quests: The Chain of Command, Capsize the Captains, Brethren of the Coast, Allies of the Blackram Marauders, Broadside the Blackram, It’s the Little Things that Kill

Every single quest is simply a “kill X number of NPCs” or “kill X boss”, so this is much faster with a group since kill credit is shared

You don’t really need to deal with the boss’s mechanics perfectly, since there are so many people killing them. Just don’t stand in the fire

Poharan spawns after 9 boss kills (Tae Jangum, Slashimi, Mak Sobo). She is NOT ON A SPAWN TIMER!

Takes about 20-30 minutes with a group. May take longer if you wait on Poharan to spawn.

Nightshade Harbor:

7 total quests: Officers of the Blackram Marauders, Dead Reckoning, Bashing Buccaneers, The Man Behind the Mystery, Where the Dark is Deepest, Poaching the Poachers, A Shady Alliance

Exact same concept as E.Fleet. All quests are kill quests.

You don’t really need to deal with the boss’s mechanics perfectly, since there are so many people killing them. Just don’t stand in the fire

Mysterious Man spawns after 9 boss kills, just like Poharan

Takes about 30 minutes with a group. May take longer if you wait on Mysterious Man to spawn.

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Why to Go With Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning For Your New Home?


Whether you are a building owner or staying on rent, end of the tenancy cleaning is important to maintain the charm of the property for years. Considering from owner point of view, you will have to take care of your property more if you want a good profit from it. You need to refresh the rental area after left by the old tenant. As they were for short time period in your home, so it is possible that they didn’t pay much attention towards cleaning and maintains, in case they have paid, but there will be dirt of waste material which they have left before they leave. Now willingly or unwillingly, it’s your responsibility to clear it up and make your area new for the new customers. But, you need to worry as End of Tenancy Cleaning Liverpool is here to help you. All you just need to explain them your requirement and text your address. They will be available on time with their reliable and affordable services.

When a person search home to take for rent, it is cleanness and openness of the house that he check first, especially if he is going to stay with the family. This is the reason why these two aspects should be handled by the professional of this field. These professionals are easily available online these days. Not only can to get new tenant, but you use the cleanliness of your home to get good cost of it. All that can be achieved onetime cost of cleanness services.

Here are some more points which can clear you why we should consider this service important:

Touch of professional hand saves you lots of time

Cleaning entire area on your own is not a cup of everyone’s tea, especially if you are also in other profession. You need to take the help of cleaning agency as they offer the services of the professional hand. With the quality of the work it also save you lots of time which you can utilize in some other work which you can handle properly.

You not need to touch the work only need to give the direction

As you are paying money acceding to your budget so you not need to touch the cleaning work at all. You can just keep the points ready for areas according to cleaning requirement.

Satisfaction and complete payback of your investment

if you will take the services of the experienced person, you will get the complete satisfaction after services. They will work according to your requirement and make your home shine in your desired way.

Warranted services

these cleaning services are authorized this is the reason why you can trust on their services easily. They will offer you warranted services as they also want good feedback from you to get more customers in the future, which can in your relation or neighborhood.

The best way of getting these services is internet. Here you can get the complete detail related to services and their charges, and you can hire according to your affordability.