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Where to find Western Food at Bukit Timah

So, you’re away from your home and missing some authentic Western food? We understand that it can be difficult at times to get hold of that special taste, especially when you are traveling to an eastern country. However, in Singapore, things are not as problematic as you might think. The Bukit Timah region is filled with restaurants ready to serve you some of the most delicious western dishes. But if you don’t know whereabouts of the restaurants, you might face difficulties to find the right one. Well, that won’t be an issue anymore. We have listed some of the best western restaurants in Bukit Timah that you must try out.

Rise and Grind Cafe

The perfect destination for some exquisite home-style Italian cuisine, ‘rise andg rind’, Western food at Bukit Timahsituated at the Bukit Timah Plaza is a must-visit. Here, you’ll get the best Western food at Bukit Timah. Among the signature dishes that you should taste are grilled pork chops marinated in Moscato and mustard. You can also try out lobster dipped in creamy tomato sauce and also the Florentine styled beef garnished with tomatoes and arugula. The menu sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it?


Another heaven for western food lovers, Caruso, located along the Bukit Timah Road, serves one of the best dining experiences in the area. Their menu exudes strong Southern Italian flavors including some extravagant collection of soups, salads, pizzas, pasta, appetizers and many more. In fact, they also serve alcohol. So, if you are traveling with your spouse and willing to have some romantic date with red wine and Caprese salad, Caruso is the best place to be. Among the signature dishes served at the restaurant include Bruschetta Al Pomodoro, Polipo Arrosto, Margherita Pizza, Lasagna Caruso, to name a few.

The Rose Veranda

If you are seeking the best European cuisine in Singapore, The Rose Veranda shall be the ultimate destination for you and your family. This particular restaurant is located inside the premises of the Shangri-La Hotel at the Orange Grove Road. No matter if you are looking for some well smoked Roasted Lamb or Mee Siam, the café’s menu caters to every possible palate. Apart from the extensive European meals available at this restaurant, the Rose Veranda offers 101 flavors of English high tea. Looking for the signature dish? Well, handcrafted pastries, desserts, and roasted meats should be tried at least once during your trip to Singapore.

The Carvery

If you want to visit ‘The Carvery’, you need to take an elevator to the seventh floor of the Park Hotel Alexandra. This particular restaurant is the first of its kind in Singapore that serves premium meats. The meat roasts are prepared in their own style and later basted into their signature liquid, which adds some unique flavor to the dishes. When you’re here, you have the flexibility to choose from the culinary highlights from the Buffet or else, you can opt for the European a-la-carte, as per your preference. The Beef Prime Rib is among the signature dishes served here at ‘The Carvery’. This is mainly because the ribs are slowly roasted for 8 hours, which adds a pink shade to the pieces when you slice through the meat.