What does an architect look like while hunting a house? 

Inquire any real estate agent what a shopper’s prime preference should be and they’d say: location, location. They’re true of course, but other characteristics will give tremendous integrity of living and probable into the future. As an architect, they will glance for the following to transmit lifestyle and returns over the long term:


Do the window classifications and locations give decent cross ventilation? Awning windows give extra insufficient ventilation than a casement window or louvers.

Another effect on this might be any sound source that is outer to the house that would stave off the window being utilized for ventilation, such as heavy traffic.

Good cross ventilation of a home as you will see in Thiam Siew showflat will not just lessen the dependence on an air conditioner in the summer, but will moreover lessen the chance of mold development and make the property a decent area to dwell over time.

Flexible configuration& structure

Over the period, renovations or alterations are similar to be carried out on the property. Having an estate that gives susceptible change will benefit.

Well-located bathrooms and kitchens are particularly crucial. These are expensive items to be striding and make coming renovations extra complex. Don’t skip to eye that layout carefully.

Current character & integrity

If you are deeming purchasing an older home watch out for bad quality renovations. Sometimes these will devalue equity as there is a lot more chore to be accomplished to rectify the badly thought out and incorrectly established owner-builder undertakings.

On the other pointer, you may uncover a minor home, as a maximum of it is original, and well looked after. If you find them, they can give tremendous value. High roofs will ever make an area feel bigger than it is in the ground area. It will furthermore make the home sense cooler.

For recent properties or upcoming ones, keep a gaze on the quality of workmanship, and inquire questions if you expect to understand more at the time of Thiam Siew showflat service and get to know every detail about Thiam Siew Condo price.


What effect do close properties have on the one you are considering? Do they overshadow your entire back lawn and make it dark or wet year-round? Or will they hinder any future shifts you’d likely wish to prepare to the property?

These characteristics can largely affect how you – or possible tenants – live in the equity – and not commodities that can be effortlessly altered.

Other aspects like characteristics, paint colours, and floor coatings are things not likely to be around in 20 years duration anyway.

Don’t get hung up on them.


A property with a backyard to the north of the property offers the potential to place the living area to the rear of the home, if not already located here, and immediate sunlight to these living regions.

Direct sunshine from the north is very easy to regulate, to enable in through winter and exclude through summer.

This orientation furthermore lends the best permit to the outdoor areas from the residential areas, and ultimately gets the decent use of your outside spaces as part of the occupancy area.