Gospel For Asia: Making a difference to the lives of countless poor children

In the 21st century, one of the major problems that haunts every developing nation is the massive population of young children engaged in various forms of arduous labor tasks. It is one of the most concerning social evils present in the modern society. At the time when the children should spend their time in studying and playing with their friends, the evil of child labor forces them to stop their education and work in various sweat shops.

The situation is gleam in the developing nations of the Asian continent. But there are some non governmental organizations which are working to stop this practice which ruins the life of these innocent children and bring them back into their normal life. Gospel For Asia is a large christian missionary which works to restructure the lives of these children and give them a better life.

According to the United Nations, child labor has been defined as any form of work that prevent the children from attending schools. The International Labor Organization also estimates that there are around 215 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 that work in extremely harsh conditions. A substantial proportion of this whole population are in Asia. They are forced to work in commercial agriculture, manufacturing, mining and domestic service. Even some children are abducted and forced to work in illicit activities like drug trade.

Child labor as a whole is completely illegal but it is is practiced in many countries due to the failure from the administration to implement these laws. From this child labor, various other forms of abuse like slavery, child trafficking, physical and mental torture develop. As children are the future of the society, any harm to them can have disastrous effects. Organizations like Gospel For Asia are working to stop this malpractice and eradicate the evil of child trafficking from the society.

As already mentioned, a significant number of the whole child labor population in the world is concentrated in the continent of Asia, it emphasizes to rescue these deprived children and bring a smile in their face. It has its presence in most of the countries in Asia including Laos, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and many more countries. These children who are forced into child labor live a life in poverty and helplessness.

But the organization which is composed of dedicated missionaries ensure to give them a better life. Each child rescued gets the opportunity to receive quality education, new school uniforms, medical facilities and health care and daily meal. The children are also introduced to message of love of Jesus Christ. These comprehensive assistance and guidance will help the children to become a better person of tomorrow.

Nothing feels more good that giving a child a new life and showing them the way to lead a joyful and happy life. A child is the gift of god who has endless potentials. If they are given ample scope and opportunity, they can shine like any other young heart. Gospel For Asia believing to create a better society is working comprehensively to give these children a better land joyful life.